The Blue Door Soup Kitchen is a non-profit Ontario Corporation:
Number - 1607839.

Our Revenue Canada charitable status number 85863 5808 RR0001 authorizes the issuance of receipts for charitable donations and gifts.

Mission Statement: To provide food, meals and other basic supplies to the homeless and other needy persons.

The objects of the Corporation are: To relieve poverty by providing food and other basic supplies to persons of low income, by establishing, operating and maintaining shelters for the homeless, and providing counseling and other similar programs to relieve poverty.

The Blue Door Soup Kitchen, (the former Catholic Charities Soup Kitchen), which was operated by Kaireen and Roger Crichton has been operating at various locations in Sudbury since 1982. In 2005, we moved into our current location which is situated in the Samaritan Centre.


Blue Door Soup Kitchen provides a nutritious meal to approximatly 200 needy persons without questioning or judgment. Meals are served each week day from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

There are three paid employees. There are approximately 50 volunteers, who prepare food, serve it and clean the facility on a rotating basis.

A driver and a helper begin at about 7:00 AM and make rounds of local retail and wholesale grocery outlets to pick up food products that are donated.

Additional donations of food come from home gardens, individuals who grow considerable quantities of fresh vegetables for themselves and for donation to charities.

Institutions contribute surplus heat-and-serve types of foods that are still in the original packaging.

Each week day, food is sorted. Anything that is not needed at the Soup Kitchen is picked up for distribution by one of several local Food Banks.

The types of meals served vary according to supply. Two or three times a week a full dinner is served (chicken, pasta, beans and sausage, shepherd’s pie, etc.…). This is always followed up with sandwiches and soup if the main course runs out. On alternate days, soup and sandwiches are served, along with dessert and a beverage of choice, frequently including fruit juice. Fresh fruit and salads are served when available. Sandwiches and other items are given out upon request, as clients leave.

Although some of the food is donated, some items such as sugar, margarine, mustard, soup base etc., do have to be purchased from time to time.

The Soup Kitchen is closed on all statutory holidays. Each year we have a wonderful Christmas dinner and gifts for the entire 200 plus clients. The Christmas dinner is usually served on the last weekday prior to Christmas Day.

To help defray monthly operating costs, we operate bingos at the Boardwalk beaming facility in Sudbury. The Ontario Government requires that 2 volunteers be present at each session. Approximately 6 volunteers donate their time for this activity on a rotation basis.



Blue Door Soup Kitchen depends on the kindness and generosity of individuals and businesses to continue its operations. Blue Door Soup Kitchen is a registered charity, however it receives no government grants and is run by a board of directors.

Monetary Donations

We accept monetary donations. These donations help Blue Door Soup Kitchen cover its operations costs. Please visit our website to learn more about how we use monetary donations, as well as a link to our online donation option through CanadaHelps.

Food Donations

We gladly accept food donations. Currently, we obtain food donations from grocery outlets, bakeries and dairies. Our excess food donations are given to any one of the five local food banks.

Give Back

There are currently 50 volunteers who prepare food, serve patrons, and clean the facility on a rotating basis, as well as operate the bi-monthly Bingo at the Boardwalk Gaming Centre.

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Blue Door Soup Kitchen
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